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Custom Provider Solutions

ACPHealth designs and manages customized provider solutions which create provider and facility alignment, eliminate friction points, and optimize each patient experience.
Take the next step in your journey towards the relentless pursuit of excellence, stability, and financial accountability. 

Successful team of medical doctors are l

"In the last 5 months, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside the ER physicians from ACPHealth. My experience with them has been more than positive. During the Covid-19 Delta spike, our community hospital had to endure a heavy load of very ill patients with no possibility of transfer. We had to transform our PACU and ER trauma rooms into a makeshift Intensive Care Units. The physicians from ACPHealth were there helping every step of the way. They took a major role in intubating patients and managing them while ventilated. ACPHealth physicians have quickly become part of our medical team and have greatly improved our Emergency Medical Services, for that I am very appreciative." - Gilbert Sayegh, M.D. FACOG - Hospital Chief of Staff

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