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How are we doing?

“ACPHealth has delivered an exceptional group of board-certified emergency medicine physicians.  Our hospital has measured an immediate increase in quality of care, visits to the ER have increased significantly, and patient satisfaction has skyrocketed in our service area. The ACPHealth leadership has been highly responsive and resolution-oriented. Our organization is extremely pleased with this partnership.” - Larry Gray, MBA - Hospital CEO

"In the last 5 months, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside the ER physicians from ACPHealth. My experience with them has been more than positive. During the Covid-19 Delta spike, our community hospital had to endure a heavy load of very ill patients with no possibility of transfer. We had to transform our PACU and ER trauma rooms into a makeshift Intensive Care Units. The physicians from ACPHealth were there helping every step of the way. They took a major role in intubating patients and managing them while ventilated. ACPHealth physicians have quickly become part of our medical team and have greatly improved our Emergency Medical Services, for that I am very appreciative." 

- Gilbert Sayegh, M.D. FACOG - Hospital Chief of Staff

"Our Radiology group has recently developed a working relationship with ACPHealth physicians at a medium sized rural hospital. In less than a year ACPHealth physicians have noticeably elevated the quality of care and have demonstrate a clear commitment to delivering exceptional Emergency Medical care to their patients. Our group has found ACPHealth physicians to be extremely professional and engaging, they are unequivocally raising the bar for quality Emergency Medical Care." - Charles Brooks, M.D. - Partner, High Plains Radiology Group  

"I have been involved with ACPHealth since they started the onboarding process with our hospital, and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. There is no doubt that the physicians that are manning our Emergency Department have provided better patient care and outcomes for our community. These physicians are dedicated and compassionate and are easy to work with. They work as a team with the nursing staff, management, and all the departments involved to make sure the patients and families receive excellent care. The ACPHealth physicians personally call patients to check on their status after discharge. Their goal is to provide excellent patient care in a teamwork atmosphere and to help our hospital have the best Emergency Department in our region. We certainly appreciate the excellent care they provide our community."

- Tonya Guffey, RN - Emergency Department Director

"Collaborating with ACPHealth for our emergency room physician staffing has elevated the level of care we are able to provide our community. Their team made the credentialling process effortless, so they were prepared and equipped for documentation on day one. Because the physicians are specifically Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, we have been able to resolve more issues here at home which is our facility goal: Stay Healthy. Stay Close. During times of COVID spikes, they supported our internal medical staff immensely. ACPHealth provides a facility liaison who is excited and enthusiastic to coordinate and streamline any processes and workflows making our roles significantly easier. As a bonus, all of the physicians are proficient in point of care ultrasound alleviating the call burden for our technologists which raises morale! Most importantly, the physicians are so incredibly kind, respectful, and professional towards the patients and team members that it eliminates communication barriers further enhancing the quality of care we can provide. Our Radiology Department loves working with these providers and would highly recommend them to support your emergency department!"

- Dee Philipp, MBA MSRS - Director of Radiology 

"ACPHealth has brought experienced emergency healthcare skills to our West Texas Hospital. Their professionalism and substantial skill set has brought a sense of security and reliability to the community we serve. We are proud to have them on our team!"

- Crystal Tyson, Hospital Director of Information and Technology

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