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*Previous project, image provided by Philo Wilke Partnership

Micro-Hospitals are an exciting and effective way to extend access points for your patients and increase market share for your system.  ACPHealth is uniquely skilled in this sector, and is one of the only teams nationally to successfully develop from concept to full accreditation in the Micro-Hospital space.  


Contact us to learn how ACPHealth can help you right site, right size, and exceptionally operate your Micro-Hospital Project!

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*Previous project, image provided by Philo Wilke Partnership

Micro-Hospitals are a rapidly deployable and capital lean hospital project.  When properly executed, Micro-Hospitals can provide definitive care for more than 95% of the patients presenting to the Emergency Department, and can do so at a lower operational cost and much higher efficiency.  Having led the development and accreditation of the first independent Micro-Hospital accredited under the new (and more stringent) 2017 CMS standards, the consultants at ACPHealth are pioneers in this space and are among a very small group of national experts in Micro-Hospital consulting and development.
ACPHealth is the "easy button" for every step in the process from strategic discovery and development to final accreditation, payor contracting, and operational management (and everything in-between). Contact ACPHealth to learn more about what we can do to help you achieve your Business Development goals.

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