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modern Entrance to emergency room at hos

 The Emergency Department is the front door of the health system. From the ER patient's perspective, it is also the most significant litmus test of your health system's commitment to provide patient centered and value based care.  
Despite the inherent complexities of a traditional large hospital based Emergency Department, these systems can and must be optimized for quick and profitable patient flow in the new normal of consumer based hospital care. Correcting the problems of glacial throughput and poor patient satisfaction, through a team centered yet patient focused approach, will restore your team and your community's confidence in your system, and will strengthen your market presence in the community for years to come. 

Traditional Care Delivery Environments Reinvigorated

Almost no sector of healthcare has changed as dramatically as the approach to delivering emergency care. Reinvigorate your facility's "front door" through consumer focused, team driven, and market tailored competitive solutions. The ACPHealth team pioneered consumer based ER services, contact us to see how we can help your front make your facility the first choice in the community.

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